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Behind The Design: Dome Sweet Dome

This is the first in our new blog series “Behind The Design,” Where we will give you a peak behind the curtain of how we develop the designs in our collections—starting with our most popular shirt to-date. The Kibbie Dome Shirt.

When we founded Walk On Apparel, Idaho stood out as one of the schools that captured our imagination. The program was burgeoning, boasting a passionate fanbase that extended far beyond the confines of traditional FCS schools. The P1FCU Kibbie Dome, a remarkable sporting venue, had garnered a notable online presence, earning admiration from social media influencers like Sickos Committee, CFBReddit, Tubs At The Club, and CFB Campus Tours. Esteemed reporters such as Matt Brown of extra points and Reece Davis of ESPN's College Gameday occasionally highlighted its significance, with many attributing its fame to its appearance in the EA Sports NCAA Football 14 Video Game.

As we deliberated over our initial designs, we sensed something was missing. Our enthusiasm for Idaho Vandal culture sparked an idea that felt like the perfect fit – a Kibbie Dome Shirt. Astonishingly, despite its prominence, no apparel dedicated to this iconic college football venue existed. This realization was a pivotal moment for us. It was a chance to create something truly special that resonated with the fans who revered the P1FCU Kibbie Dome.

The catalyst for this design emerged from a post on Twitter/X about the  Kibbie Dome while we were in a meeting. This was our light bulb moment for the shirt we were missing. This shirt almost never got made and was our LAST shirt design in our Idaho Vandal Collection.

We felt a responsibility to answer this call and bring to life a design that encapsulated the spirit and significance of this renowned stadium. Our Kibbie Dome Shirt quickly gained traction, becoming our first viral sensation. Its success not only validated our dedication to uniqueness but also inspired future designs featuring other schools' stadiums (East Tennessee State and Utah Tech). 

At Walk On Apparel, our ethos revolves around authenticity and celebrating the diverse fan cultures that make college sports so special. We refuse to succumb to the mundane, avoiding generic designs that merely change colors and logos for a multitude of schools. Our mantra is clear – "Up the fans, Up the culture." And for Idaho Vandals, nothing embodies their fan culture more than the P1FCU Kibbie Dome.

As we continue our journey, we remain committed to crafting exclusive, original designs that capture the essence of each school's unique identity. The Kibbie Dome Shirt remains a testament to our dedication to honoring fan culture, and it continues to hold a special place in our hearts as the catalyst for our ongoing pursuit of creating iconic stadium apparel.

Visit today to pick up your own “Dome Sweet Dome” shirt and explore our other collections of unique designs that celebrate the passion and fervor of college sports fandom.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of college sports, one unique design at a time.

-The Founders

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